Hey guys!

As you may be aware, putting together lots of content on a regular basis costs money. While I am bootstrapping all that goes into building Lifestyle Business Guy, I want to go on record that some of the products/services I share on the site are affiliate links. What’s that? Basically, it means that at zero cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking one of those links, I make a small commission.

Again, there is absolutely no additional cost to you if you choose to help by clicking/buying through one of my links. You receive the same price or less than if you’d visited the site some other way.

I will never recommend something that I believe is not top-quality.

The main point for the resources page, however, is to act as a resource for those of you who are new to online marketing and find yourself overwhelmed with the choices out there. I curate my resources page on a regular basis, adding to it when I feel my audience would benefit. The revenue earned helps to pay for things like hosting and upkeep of this blog, so it is always appreciated.

I’d like to think that we’re all on the same page here when it comes to building a lifestyle business, and that you understand that this allows me to defray some of my out-of-pocket costs incurred in delivering value to to every week.

If you choose to buy something through one of my links, leave a comment because I’d like to thank you in person.