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Everyone dreams of becoming their own boss and not having to work too much for a living. In addition, I bet most of us also secretly hope for longer holidays, more money and the ability of having a flexible schedule which doesn’t interfere with our hobbies, passions or personal life. Unfortunately, hundreds of millions worldwide are pleased with a mediocre existence and an average job that doesn’t bring them satisfactions, but helps them pay the bills and subsist.

While each of us is entitled to our own vision upon life, nobody should be allowed to criticize others for their lifestyle choices and the way they decide to live. However, for those of you who want to break the habit and adventure themselves into the world of lifestyle businesses, here are some of the reasons to get started now:

Following your passion

Who says you have to stick to what you have? Don’t be ungrateful for the gifts you received so far in life, but what if you could achieve so much more?

The main reason why you should start a lifestyle business as soon as possible is the ability to finally follow your dreams and passions, no strings attached. An old saying says “Do what you love and you will never have to work one day in your life”. Why not guide yourself through the same principle in life?

Think about what you really love to do in your spare time. Now try to reconnect with this passion by asking how it can help others. Entrepreneurship, after all, is about providing value. Once you realize that your passion can be a thing of value to others, consider how you can make a living with it.

  • If you like clothes, why not turn into a personal shopper, a closet organizer or a clothing retailer?
  • If you always loved to cook for the loved ones why not extend your passion and start a small business selling what you cook with so much love and devotion?
  • If you like tennis or soccer or Jiu Jitsu, consider setting up your own training camps and reach out to local schools to get the word out.

No more alarms in the morning

Probably one of the most tempting reasons why you should become your own boss comes for those who are night owls rather than early birds. This is for all of you who put your phones on snooze until refuse and manage to get out of bed successfully two hours later.

Why work a 9-5 job when your own biorhythm allows you to be productive during the night? And what if you really have a bad day and all you want is to crawl back in bed and stay there? A regular job doesn’t allow you this unless you call in sick, and exactly how many times you can be sick per year?

Start a lifestyle business and you will not have to deal with an alarm clock ever again.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you will necessarily work less (I work more than most people I know!) or allow yourself too many days off.

But doing what you love and striving for your own business’ success is much more rewarding than anything else. And it is totally worth staying up until morning to finish a new project or make sure everything runs smoothly.

More time for your loved ones

Being your own time manager means you get what is truly important in your life and shape your schedule to meet the needs of your beloved ones.

For me, this is the biggest reason you should start a lifestyle business. I have had the privilege of being able to attend some of the most monumental stages in my child’s development.

For that reason, I’d never allow myself to be chained to someone else’s schedule. I can’t imagine asking permission from a boss, like some kind of subject, just to attend my child’s school play, fencing match, or doctor’s appointment.

Becoming your own boss may mean that you have to make up for attending these big moments by working until late at night, but how rewarding is that you will never have to skip the things that really matter?

My challenge to you

Those are my three reasons for having launched my business: passion, freedom, and family. What are your three reasons for wanting to be an entrepreneur? Money? Ability to travel? Being able to call something your own? Challenge yourself right now to come up with three driving forces, and share them below in the comment section.

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